Back in Melbourne

Back in May of this year I was so fortunate to come back home to visit Melbourne.  I actually wrote this post when I was there, so here are some thoughts from back then!                             I’m back in Melbourne and am loving […]


A LITTLE PIECE OF HOME. Having lived here in the states for well over a year now, I from time to time have a need for something close to home. So whilst wandering around on a Sunday afternoon, I found it. An Australian cafe! Named after one of Melbournes iconic streets “Brunswick” has a wonderful […]


About a month ago we celebrated “National Ice Cream Day” which happened to fall on my birthday. And with all that ice-cream tasting, I was inspired to make a little ice cream creation of my own! This is a really healthy alternative, that has no added sugar, is dairy free and oh so yummy! And […]


Sundays are always the best. They are even sweeter when you are celebrating a birthday. And what could be the cherry on top? Sharing that day with “National Ice Cream Day” of course! Yes thats right, for those who know me, know how much I adore everything ice cream. And lucky for me I got […]


I thought this day would never come. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, the day that I would actually get around to writing another post? Mmh very close, but no! It’s the day that I got to celebrate my birthday in New York for the second year in a row! For reasons unbeknown to […]

Springtime in Hells Kitchen

Spring in Hells kitchen A couple of month back, I met up with a friend of mine and we decided to take a stroll around Hells kitchen. After having a sangria and bite to eat at one of the local restaurants, we walked up the avenue. As soon as we turned a corner we came […]

Sunfilled Sundays

The other week I spent the day wondering around Soho and Little Italy. It was such a beautiful sunny day, it felt like it was the first of real spring. With so many people out and about enjoying the day like I did! I still love exploring all the different neighbourhoods New York has to […]


Last week I met the most adorable Meatball I have ever seen. Yes thats right, a golden and totally sweet meatball who quite honestly stole my heart! Now before you think I’ve gone totally bananas, the picture below will give you a better explanation: I came across this adorable pup as I was walking down […]


Sundays are great for summertime fun in the sun!  And what better way to spend your afternoon than heading down to one of the many flea markets that New York has to offer! When my pal Sarah was in town we headed up to the Brooklyn Flea Market. As we ventured through the streets of […]

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